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MendoCruz Artisan Jewelry

Santa Cruz, Calif.


578 Bethany Curve
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
United States



The MendoCruz Guarantee

All MendoCruz pieces are warrantied for the lifetime of the product. Heard of Patagonia’s ironclad guarantee? Yep, like that but for jewelry. 

If something falls off, breaks, or bends when it shouldn’t have (i.e. the manufacturer is to blame) – MendoCruz will fix or replace at little or no cost to you! This does not, however, cover misplaced or stolen jewelry. Earrings are often losing one another in coat pockets and creases of couch cushions, and it is your responsibility (not mine) to keep them together. However, in the event that you do lose an earring, I am happy to replace it for a price. Metals do tarnish in time and although not covered by warranty I can happily recommend the best metals to avoid this problem as well as easy cleaning and polishing methods. Each warranty return is reviewed on a case by case basis to determine cause and refund/replacement eligibility.