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MendoCruz Artisan Jewelry

Santa Cruz, Calif.


578 Bethany Curve
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
United States


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I became obsessed with jewelry as a child. My mother would often let me open her coveted jewelry box and unveil her many pieces of heirloom adornment, allowing me to play dress up in priceless Japanese pearls and Great Aunt Cora’s coral teardrop earrings. This ritual connected me to my roots and fostered a lifelong interest in jewelry design and adoration.
Jewelry is an ancient art, traditionally handed down through generations. It helps us express who we are. It tells our story and encourages individuality and daring.
MendoCruz was born of the desire to craft lovely, unique, and affordable jewelry. Wearable art that your little ones will discover someday, curiously draping themselves with, imagination running wild.

Inspired where the redwoods reach the sea, each piece is handmade with love.
Custom orders always welcome.
xx, LGJ